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oOYes at Honey Elixir Bar

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Ecstatic Sex with oOYes

Great sex is about open communication,

showing up, and staying present.  

Centered around creating fun, playful Experiences with cannabinoid-infused lubes, elixirs and delectables, oOYes can help you and your partner (or multiple partners) level up your night of fun.

Ask your server to purchase!

the Secret Sauce

oOYes uses BeeFuse Technology, where free-range bees feed on cannabinoid-rich nectar, creating a highly bioavailable, cannabinoid-rich raw honey. 


The honey, which is available as Bee Wild, is infused with CND, and CBG, premium oils and herbs to create great smelling, tasting and effective lubes and elixirs. 

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Going Down

Get ready for some foreplay with the Going Down Oral Sex Elixir. This delectable elixir is loaded with CBD and CBG and has an orange blossom flavor that is so delicious and effective you won’t want to stop. 

Going Down Product Page

oral sex elixir


Start Me Up

When it’s time to get down and dirty, our Start Me Up Lickable Glide is the perfect edible water-based lube to get you wet in all the right places. It is spiked with 50mg of CBG and our BeeFused Honey to enhance sexual pleasure even more.

Start Me Up Product Page

lickable glide



Roll Baby Roll

oO baby, baby. Designed to glide and stimulate your honey pot or disco stick, this oil-based topical combines coconut-based MCT, calendula, and primrose oils for sensual self pleasure. Spiked with our signature BeeFuse honey and a dab of CBF for the ultimate cannagasmic experience.

Roll Baby Roll Product Page

roll on sex oil


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