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Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll: oOYes

Stephanie Wilson

Sensi Magazine

Nov 9, 2021

Get to know the groovy sex-positive woman behind this new line of “cannagasmic” products created by women, for anyone who enjoys a good f*cking.

Founded in 2018, oOYes isn’t just another lube company—it’s a whole sex-positive lifestyle. “The focus is on creating sex-forward experiences that open communication and remind people that sex is fun and good for you,” says Tanya Griffin, whose love affair with sex runs deep.

A badass businesswoman based in Denver, Griffin spent the last 30 years opening retail stores, restaurants, and dispensaries, creating products focused on women’s and family health while she hopped continents and industries, working in everything from cannabis to financial services to software development—all while raising four kids of her own. With the launch of her latest venture, oOYes, she can add an “ecstatic sex, experience-driven lifestyle brand” to her list of entrepreneurial ventures.

“I like to say that I’ve gone from colostrum to cannabis to cum,” Griffin says with an easy laugh. Colostrum is a type of breastmilk, and Griffin was a lactation specialist early in her career. She transitioned into cannabis in 2014, joining The Green Solution to help build the first vertically integrated cultivation, manufacturing, and retail national franchise opportunity in the industry—a highly successful effort. The multistate dispensary chain was bought by Columbia Care in 2019 for $140 million. Which brings us to the third C in that triple alliteration: cum.

The oOYes line of sex products is created to help you do just that, and they’re formulated with cannabis-derived terpenes and cannabinoids, so oOYes combines two of the Cs into a brand that exudes a 1960s mod-hippie sex-drugs-and-rock-n-roll vibe. It’s a whole mood—and it’s a good one, if not a little bit forward. There’s a sex quiz featured front-and-center on the OoYes homepage that calculates your kink score by asking whether you’d be down to try sex acts that range from the basic (oral sex, sensual massage) to the extreme (fisting, foot jobs, and swinging, oh my!). Have your partner take the quiz as well, and find out where your kinks align, perhaps opening both your eyes (and other orifices) to experiences you hadn’t realized were on the proverbial table.

The whole thing is very sex positive, as are the products, all of which feature a rock-n-roll theme and a groovy 1970s-inspired branding. Created and formulated by women, oOYes sex lubricants and wellness products have a subtle orange blossom flavor and feature plant-based botanicals, active terpenes, and minor and major cannabinoids including cannabigerol (CBG), cannabidiol (CBD), as well as the patented cannabinoid-rich, super bioavailable BeeFused Superhoney.

While cannabis sexual product lines grow in popularity, the brands behind them tend to play it safe, with vibes that are clinical, possibly sensual. But fun? Heavens, no!

That’s not how they roll baby roll at oOYes, as evidenced by the products themselves: Roll Baby Roll is a sex oil with Bee-Fused Honey and CBD. It’s oral friendly, vegan, gluten free, and safe to ingest. “The bottle has a roller ball that you roll right onto your clitoris—and it feels so good,” Griffin says (she’s not lying).

Going Down is an oral sex elixer that combines sunflower oil, BeeFused honey, and orange blossom with CBD that tastes delightful. Love Me Too, a sensual moisturizer “for your other lips,” features CBG and cannabinoid-rich honey. Start Me Up is a lickable glide that, according to the product description, is “crafted to rock your world while your partner gets to taste a subtle yet sweet orange blossom flavor. Made to encourage licking, sucking, and f*cking.”

Many of the products feature the brand’s Bee Wild tantric honey, which uses BeeFused patented technology where free-range bees organically feed on nectar made from hemp-derived cannabinoids, cannabis strains, and superfoods to create highly bioavailable, cannabinoid-rich raw honey. “Bees do all the work!” Griffin says. “Nothing is added, nothing is made in a lab. This is nature doing what it does best.”

Griffin says, “oOYes is sex forward and by no means shy.” And if it’s not clear yet, neither is she. The Denver-based entrepreneur loves sex, and she loves talking about sex—not in a steril, clinical way, but not in an omg-TMI-please-stop way either. She just enjoys it, and she’s passionate about helping others enjoy it too. For her, it’s about creating experiences for people. “That’s why all the products are travel sized, that’s why everything is tied to rock-n-roll. It’s all designed around how you feel, it’s about getting your mind in the right place, and—yes—using drugs to do it. Having fun with it in a nice way.”

And it all comes down to basic biology: sex is fun, and having more of it is good for you. Science backs this up: There are a ton of emotional and psychological benefits of getting busy, and sex is strongly linked to a better quality of life, offering both mental and physical benefits ranging from better self-image and higher rates of happiness to enhanced brain function.

“I freaking love sex,” Griffin continues. “I think it’s like eating and sleeping and everything else. I think everybody should be having lots of sex.”

Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll: oOYesSensi Magazine
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