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Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

oOYes leans into "sex, drugs, and rock n' roll" to bring you ecstatic sex and new experiences!

Denver, CO— Created by women, for everyone, oOYes announces the launch of their sex-positive lifestyle brand just in time to for Valentine's Day! Products include a variety of cannabinoid-rich lubes and experiential products designed  to enhance sexual experiences. oOYes combines cannagasmic formulations with a retro "Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll" vibe, and carefully designed playful experiences opening up people to a new world of sex.

Formulated with CBD, CBG, terpenes, and our patented BeeFused Honey, oOYes products are naturally crafted to titillate the senses. We combine high-quality ingredients with an entourage of cannabinoids and terpenes, giving real results leading to ecstatic sex.

Great sex comes with being present and engaging in new and exciting experiences. oOYes is not just another lube company. But a way to engage in ecstatic sex experiences through cannabinoid-rich lubes, massage oil candles, and delectables,” said Tanya Griffin, oOYes Founder.


oOYes products are now available for purchase at select boutiques, salons, and dispensaries as well as at oOYes offers eight travel-sized products each mindfully crafted using their patented BeeFused Honey, CBD, CBG, terpenes, and aphrodisiac herbs. Their most popular products have been bundled together to create oOBoxes, designed for unique sex experiences individually or with a partner.

● Roll Baby Roll (Roll-On Sex Oil) - Designed to glide and stimulate your clitoris, this oil-based topical combines coconut-based MCT, calendula, and primrose oils for sensual self-pleasure. Spiked with our signature BeeFused Honey, CBD, and CBG for the ultimate cannagasmic experience.
● Going Down (Oral Sex Elixir) - Designed to encourage oral sex, this combination of sunflower oil, BeeFused Honey, and orange blossom with a little extra kick of CBD and CBG will have your partner always going down for more.
● Unplugged (Premium Silicone Lubricant) - It’s time to unplug with this silky, premium lubricant that will leave you feeling soft, smooth, and lubed in all the right places.Travel-sized for your expedient pleasure on the go.
● Love Me Too (Sensual Moisturizer) - A moisturizer “for your other lips”, this sensual formula combines  cannabinoid-rich BeeFused Honey, aphrodisiac herbs, and beeswax that melts into your skin to keep you feeling supple and fresh.
● Groove Grease (Massage Oil Candle) - Made from all-natural soy wax, shea butter, beeswax, and hemp oil, this orange blossom honey candle melts into a warm, luxurious erotic oil that is perfect for lighting your fire.
● Bee Wild (Tantric Honey) - This blend of BeeFused Honey and Damiana, a plant used in the Mayan culture to increase sexual arousal, takes cannagasms to a new level. Whether you lick, drizzle, or drip, this tantric honey is sure to excite and induce a wild night.
● Wet - (Dry Mouth Lozenges) - Our dry mouth lozenges are made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs and spices that activate the flow of saliva, providing immediate and lasting relief from dry mouth associated with the use of cannabis.

“oOYes aphrodisiac honey is amazing!!! Makes me feel more relaxed, sensual, and free. I highly recommend it for self-care Sunday or for you and your lover,” said Jamie Nelson, owner of Ember Salon.


oOYes Sex Quiz: Improve your sex life and discover new sex acts with your partner in a comfortable  way. You and your partner take the quiz with 100 different sex acts on separate devices, and it will  only show you what you both say yes to! This gives you and your partner a safe space to share what  you might want try without judgement or worry.  

We designed the oOYes Sex Quiz to open communication, celebrate sex-positive relationships, and  open the door to new experiences,” said Tanya. 


oOYes is focused on partnering with the best retailers that understand sex, cannabinoids, or both.  Awakening Boutique, Denver-based sex, and wellness store, was the first retailer to offer the products in  their two locations starting in 2020. WolfPac Cannabis, a Denver-based dispensary named “Leading  Brand of the Year” by the 2020 Cannabis Business Awards, and Ember Salon, Boulder’s premier  downtown hair salon, are among the Colorado retailers that have committed to carrying oOYes products.  

Customers should expect to see oOYes products on shelves of more boutique retail stores, sex shops,  salons, and dispensaries in Colorado and California over the next several weeks.  

Notes for the Editor

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About oOYes

Founded in 2020, oOYes Inc, is a privately owned company based in Denver, Colorado. Created by women for everyone, oOYes is all about sharing the love with our happy, sex positive, cannagastic formulations and experiences. oOYes leans into a retro Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll vibe designed to have fun and open communication while celebrating sex positive relationships and experiences...including the one with yourself.


oOYes Founder, Tanya Griffin, has spent the last three decades following her dreams and doing what she loves by helping businesses she is passionate about prosper and grow. Relying on lessons learned and life lived, Tanya’s energies now center on creating an ecstatic sex lifestyle brand focused on travel centric, cannagastic oOYes experiences that build on community, movement, and connection.


oOYes Inc and oOYes products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of oOYes Inc in the United States. The names of actual companies and products mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.  Like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram for real-time information.

Media Contact

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