Going Down




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"Live in the space where giving and receiving pleasure comes naturally."

Tanya Griffin, oOYes Founder


Remove Distractions

Finish the laundry, close the laptop, send the kids to grandmas.



Foreplay doesn't start in the bedroom. Send your partner a racy text or photo, dress up, get in a sexy mood. 



A soundtrack totally changes your mood. Put on an album or playlist that you both enjoy.

Disco Ball


Dim the lights, light candle or both.

How to use 

1 or 2 Partners

  1. Partner 1: Use the dropper to drip as much oral sex elixir as you desire on your partner’s honey pot, disco stick, or any other body part you feel like lickin’.

  2. Partner 1: Lick, suck, and taste your yummy partner like you’re eating an orange creamsicle.

  3. Partner 2: Lay back and enjoy as your partner drenches you in this dreamy honey orange blossom elixir for the ultimate oral sex experience. 


Featured Reviews

Highly Recommended!

"Such an amazing product! It definitely spiced things up!"

Nicole E. - Broadview, IL


"It’s amazingly fluid, smells great and feels amazing."

Michele T. - Littleton, CO