Groove Grease




Recipe For A Good Time

  1. 1 Groove Grease Massage Oil Candle

  2. 1 Lighter or Box of Matches

  3. A Partner

  4. Towels


How To Use Me

  1. Use lighter or matches to light the wick of the honey orange blossom candle and allow wax to melt down into a luxurious massage oil.

  2. Partner 1: Lay face up or face down and relax your body as Partner 2 prepares to rub you down.

  3. Partner 2: Once candle has melted down with enough massage oil to get you started, pour oil directly from candle onto the ready and willing skin of Partner 1 (oil will be quite warm, but should not be harmful to direct contact with skin. Tip: if your partner has sensitive skin, pour massage oil into your own hand first).

  4. Partner 2: Use your hands and body to seductively massage the slippery and sultry oil onto your partner (prepare to get aroused).

  5. Partner 1: Flip over to the opposite side that you started on to enjoy the pleasure from a different angle.

  6. Partner 1 and Partner 2 switch roles, see what you slide into, and transport each other for hours into a cannagasmic climax.


Crank It Up A Notch

  • If you want to really let go, begin your sexy night with an ecstatic cacao ceremony that will expose your mind and body by using our Euphoria Ceremonial Mushroom Cacao.

the night