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The Sexperience


"The Sexperience" oOBox

The Sexperience oOBox has been carefully crafted for a night full of sensual and sexual play during your stay. Packed with CBD, CBG, and our “secret sauce” of BeeFused honey, this box of goodies will keep you going and oOing all night long. 

Start Me Up

When it’s time to get down and dirty, our Start Me Up Lickable Glide is the perfect edible water-based lube to get you wet in all the right places. It is spiked with 50mg of CBG and our BeeFused Honey to enhance sexual pleasure even more.

Start Me Up Product Page


Going Down

Get ready for some foreplay with the Going Down Oral Sex Elixir. This delectable elixir is loaded with CBD and CBG and has an orange blossom flavor that is so delicious and effective you won’t want to stop. 

Going Down Product Page


For a quick and easy way to get things rockin’, Unplugged, our premium silicone lubricant, is the perfect for a travel-sized option on the go.

Unplugged Product Page

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You can get your night started by enjoying one of our Wet Dry Mouth Lozenges that are made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs designed to relieve dry mouth symptoms and activate the flow of saliva. This is the perfect way to get wet.

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Wrap it up and practice safe sex with our oOYes condoms! Scan the QR code on the back to get things going with our oOYes Sex Quiz.


The oOYes Sex Quiz

Take this quiz with a partner and it will help you try new things! Answer our 100 questions of sexual acts and positions on separate devices. It will only show you and your partner what you both say yes to so you can feel comfortable knowing that the results will only be mutual interests.

If you don't have a partner to take this with, take it as a single and get your kink score to compare to other singles!

The oOYes Quiz

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