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the oOYes story

Bingham X Photography

Tanya Griffin

On her path from Colostrum to Cannabis to Cum, oOYes founder Tanya Griffin has spent the last three decades following her dreams and doing what she loves. With a focus on woman and family health, her journey started in 1995 with her stores, Kangaroo Kids, where, as a lactation consultant, she helped families with breastfeeding and parenting needs. As her kids grew, her attention turned to plant based medicines and building cannabis companies. 

Relying on lessons learned and life lived, Tanya's energies now center on creating an ecstatic sex lifestyle brand focused on travel centric, cannagastic, oOYes experiences. 


Created by women for everyone, oOYes is all about sharing the love with our happy, sex positive, cannagasmic formulations and experiences.


oOYes leans into a retro Sex, Drugs, and Rock-n-Roll vibe designed to have fun and open communication while celebrating sex positive relationships and experiences...including the one with yourself.

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