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Better Communication Leads to Better Sex with oOYes!

Sloane Freemont

Create what you speak

Jul 5, 2022

The stories we tell ourselves (positive and negative) create our reality. What is the reality that you are creating? Yes, we are living in crazy and stressful times with new pressures being put on us daily. The good news is, you don’t have to succumb to this fear-fueled drama. Navigating your reality to a place of success starts with taking control of your thoughts. The Create What You Speak podcast will help you chart the path to the destination you desire (and deserve). It’s time to finally put those worn-out stories on repeat to rest once and for all.

If you’ve listened to my show, you know I love talking to entrepreneurs about creation and bringing ideas to life. This week I’m excited to have Tanya Griffin on the show. Tanya is the founder of oOYes, an ecstatic sex lifestyle brand. Tanya and I talk about being an entrepreneur and the ups and down that come with it, why and how she created her company and what drives her to help people open up their communication channels to have better sex.

Built by women for everyone, oOYes leans into a retro sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll vibe. They are a sex positive, sex forward company and believe great sex starts with open communication, showing up and staying present. oOYes creates cannagasmic formulations that enhance pleasure and lead to ecstatic sex. The lubes, elixirs, massage candle and delectibles are rich in full spectrum CBD, CBG, terpenes, their patented beefused honey and other powerful botanicals designed to improve your sex life and bring new earth-shattering experiences. The oOYes Sex Quiz allows you to find your “kink score” and open communication with your partner about which sex acts you are willing to do together. If you are looking to have fun in the bedroom, build confidence and get closer to your partner, this episode is for you!

You can watch this episode here:

More About Tanya Griffin: oOYes founder, Tanya Griffin has spent the last 3 decades building companies focused on women’s and family health. On her journey from colostrum to cannabis to cum, Tanya has consistently scaled operations and CPG brands that are driven by “experience” and adding value to the customer.

In 1995, after the birth of the first of her four children, she founded Kangaroo Kids which, 28 years later, continues to help families with their parenting and breastfeeding needs. Her journey into building vertically integrated cannabis companies culminated in an exit to an MSO which enables her to continue to do what she knows and loves. This time it is all about sexual wellness and having more and better SEX. You can get your own oOYes products on their website and take the oOYes Sex Quiz at

Tanya has graciously offered 20% off to all Create What You Speak listeners! Use code SLOANE20 for your discount.

Better Communication Leads to Better Sex with oOYes!Create what you speak
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