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oOYes Uses CBD-infused Honey for Sexual Wellness

Tony Scianna

Cosmetics & Toiletries

Apr 22, 2022

oOYes is a sexual wellness brand that uses patented BeeFused Technology to create cannabinoid-rich, water-soluble, single-ingredient raw honey for use in its CBD-infused sexual health products.

The Denver-based sexual wellness brand currently has seven products designed to increase sexual arousal and improve sexual experience. The products are available individually or as part of the oOBox Bundle that includes three variations of products for $69.

Dry Mouth Lozenges are made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs that activate the flow of saliva, providing immediate and lasting relief from dry mouth associated with the use of cannabis.

Roll-on Sex Oil is formulated with coconut-based MCT, calendula, primrose oils, 75 mg CBD, 50 mg CBG, orange blossom terpenes and BeeFused honey. It costs $23.99.

Oral Elixir combines sunflower oil, BeeFused honey and orange blossom terpenes with 75mg CBD and 50 mg CBG. It also costs $23.99.

Lickable Glide includes 50 mg CBG, BeeFused honey and orange blossom terpenes. It also costs $23.99.

Sensual Moisturizer uses BeeFused honey, beeswax, aphrodisiac-centered herbs and orange blossom terpenes. It costs $29.99.

Massage Oil Candle is made from all-natural soy wax, shea butter, beeswax, hemp oil, orange blossom terpenes, BeeFused honey, 500 mg CBD and 500 mg CBG. It costs $39.99.

Tantric Honey blends BeeFused honey, muria puama, and catauaba to increase sexual arousal. It costs $49.99.

oOYes Uses CBD-infused Honey for Sexual WellnessCosmetics & Toiletries
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