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Roll Baby Roll




"So much about great sex, whether with yourself or with a partner, is about getting ready, showing up, and staying present"

Tanya Griffin, oOYes Founder

  1. Use the roller ball to seductively glide the honey orange blossom sex oil on your honey pot or disco stick.

  2. Let the cannabinoids relax your mind and prepare your body for intimate self-pleasure.

  3. Rub, stroke, and massage your way to an enchanting and self-indulging climax.

How to use


Featured Reviews


"This product was hand down a life changing experience. Changed my sex life for the better!!! ;)"

Aleah P - White Plains, NY


"This product brought the spice back into the bedroom for my partner and me. Haven’t orgasmed that many times before. Definitely a must try!"

Jamie - Portland, OR


"I had a wild passionate night and it's alllllll thanks to this! It was insaaaaane."

Kendra M - St. Louis, MO

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