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  • Tanya Griffin

Free your mind...

Find the playlist that inspired this article here.

Love is Freedom.

Freedom to Let Be,

Freedom to Love with Abandon,

And, in the words of Funkadelic’s George Clinton:

“Freedom is Free of the Need to be Free.”

For me, being present is freedom.  As it relates to intimacy, pleasure, and ecstasy, this unadulterated freedom is the key to more and better sex.

Being genuinely free comes with showing up and staying present in the moment. Freedom is the ability to live fully and completely in that moment. We are less apt to bring past and future shame in when we are present.

Shame, guilt, and anxiety are the opposite of freedom. But here’s the challenge: the noises in your head will consistently test your ability to remain present. It will require intention and practice to stay present.

Learning to live and remain in the moment, to be present, takes work. It takes practice and often requires tools, such as intentional movement, breathing, and meditation, to bring and keep you there.

For me, practicing breathing, movement, and meditation provides a path to this freedom and a means to show up and stay present.

Being free starts with the ability to show up and stay present.  Being present takes work. It takes lots and lots of practice.

Ways to engage in the moment and practice presence include:

  • Intentional breathing, movement, and meditation

  • Concentration and focus and working through a single thought or idea

  • Getting lost in music, film, or tasks that fill your headspace without room for distraction

  • And, of course, intimacy, touch, pleasure, and ultimately oOrgasms.

In addition to mental, physical, and spiritual practices, cannabis, when dosed correctly, can enhance and intensify each of your senses and help center you in the present moment.

Remember, as with most things in life, when experimenting with mind-opening drugs, start with a low dose and go slow. This path to presence is far more predictable and rewarding when done with intention.

I find that the key to staying present comes with practicing being in the moment, starting with routinely showing up.

As we explore ways to deepen intimacy and pleasure and continue to open the discussion about sex without shame, stigma, and judgment, I will continually bring the conversation back to sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll —

In the words of Funkadelic's George Clinton:

“Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow

The Feeling of Heaven Is Within.”

If I leave you with only one takeaway, it is to explore ways, tools, and practices that allow you to elevate the senses, show up, and stay present as often as possible.

I think a good start is taking the time to clear your mind and show up now.

Prioritizing intimacy and pleasure, whether with yourself or a partner, is time well spent. Making time for a good oOrgasm is a practice in presence that can evolve through routine and eventually ritual to a deep sense of self and pleasure.

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