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  • Lisa Tellor-Kelley

pH Balance for the Best Vaginal Health

Vaginal health is important. Partners may disturb the vagina’s environment, as well as self-pleasure. Having a healthy pH balance helps keep the vagina moist. Both good and bad bacteria play a part in maintaining vaginal health. It’s a delicate eco-system and sex can change that.

A Delicate Ecosystem

In this delicate ecosystem, a normal pH level for this area is 3.8-4.5. Sex and feminine products such as lubricants may change the pH level of the vagina. Change to the pH level may lead to infections and less sex. Good vaginal health makes for a hot & juicy sex life.

Unhealthy bacteria do not grow when the vagina has a good pH balance. A healthy pH balance allows good bacteria. A healthy pH balance for a vagina is 3.8-4.5. A pH balance of 4.5 or below is considered good for women ages 15-49. Yet, before and after a menstrual cycle the pH balance may be higher.

Unprotected sex may cause irritation in a women’s vagina. Because semen has a pH between 7.1-8 the vaginal health may be changed after sex. The rise in the pH balance is good for fertilization but may also encourage the growth of certain bacteria. Lubricating feminine products from oOYes may offer a regulation in the vagina’s pH balance during sexual activities.

oOYes Products and pH Balance

oOYes products are a natural CBD supplement that compliments the vagina’s ecosystem. The products are pH balanced which assists with vaginal dryness. These CBD products are accepted by the body because the cannabis plant’s endocannabinoid system has the potential to heal the human endocannabinoid system.

Due to the importance of vaginal health, oOYes uses only pure ingredients, and are free of contaminants. Knowing the pH balance of feminine products used for self-pleasure and partner sex might be helpful. Currently, oOYes products are one of a few pH balanced lubricants on the market in tune with the vagina’s ecosystem.

Clinicians recommend using products that promote a healthy pH balance. The oOYes lubricant Roll Baby Roll has a pH balance of 4.18 and the Going Down lubricant has a pH balance of 4.41. oOYes has a better pH balance than ordinary CBD oils and elixirs. Also, both products have 75 mg of CBD oil and 50 mg of CBG oil and are spiked with BeeFused honey.

These products may regulate vaginal dryness. The pH balance leaves vaginas feeling good. oOYes lubricants are fun – they taste good and smell good!

User experience shows these products to be full of oOYes goodness. oOYes oils and elixirs are liquid honey magic lubricants. Only oOYes has this unique balance. Either way, elixir or oil, there is nothing like it. oOYes makes it better for you!


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