Bee Wild




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"Yes; it's time to drip, drizzle and lick this tantalizing, bee infused; aphrodisiac honey everywhere! And that's before you hit desert!"

Tanya Griffin, oOYes Founder

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Prepare space

This fun treat can be sticky, lay down some old sheets or a couple towels to protect your bedding.



Read an exotic novel, text a crush, browse tinder - get yourself in the mindset for pleasure.

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Put on your favorite album or playlist. Make it about you.

Bouncing Light Balls


Dim the lights, light some candles, or both!

How to Use Me

  1. Partner 1: Pour, drizzle, or drip the cannabinoid-rich tantric honey on any body part of Partner 2 that is lookin’ for a little sweet temptation.

  2. Partner 1: Devour the mouthwatering honey and tease your delectable partner as they shiver and shake with excitement from your tongue.

  3. Switch partners and repeat steps


Featured Reviews


"Makes me feel more relaxed, sensual, and free. I highly recommend it for self-care Sunday or for you and your lover.”"

Jamie N. - Boulder, CO

Love it!

"I’ve never tried anything like this! I will definitely buy this again and again!"

Margaret O. - Broadview, IL