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  • Tanya Griffin

From Colostrum to Cannabis to Cum

oOYes came easy. Created by women, we are just sharing what we love while curating some happy, sex positive, cannagastic experiences.

On a path from Colostrum to Cannabis to Cum, oOYes founder, Tanya Griffin, has spent the last three decades following her dreams, doing what she loves and helping businesses she is passionate about prosper and grow.

In 1995, driven by necessity and the birth of her first son, she founded Kangaroo Kids, Retail and Maternity Support Centers. Then, the problem to solve was smart (path of least resistance) parenting and support for breastfeeding (colostrum). Now, over 25 years, four grown kids and a grandchild later, the problem to solve is good sex!

Building from what she knows and loves, oOYes leans into a retro, Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll vibe designed to have fun, open communication and celebrate sex positive relationships and experiences including the one with yourself.

Relying on lessons learned from building and scaling restaurants, retail stores, healthcare, software, manufacturing, marketing and cannabis companies her energies now center on creating an ecstatic sex lifestyle brand focused on travel centric, cannagastic oOYes experiences that build on community, movement and connection.

Similar to creating Kangaroo Kids and building vertically integrated cannabis companies, her next company needed to not only solve a problem but add value to others in a way that offered clever, sustainable, experience-driven, cannagastic products that consider mindful supply chain decisions and is built on a team of like-minded individuals that share in the company’s journey and profits.


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