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  • Tanya Griffin

oOYes + BeeFused Tantric Honey: Our Secret Sauce

Formulated to rock your world, oOYes lick-able lubes, elixirs, and massage candles combine terpenes and cannabinoids CBG (cannabigerol) and CBD (cannabidiol) with our secret sauce... beefused tantric honey. Each oOYes product is mindfully crafted with the finest, natural ingredients; including beefused tantric honey as a key ingredient that runs throughout our cannagasmic lick-able lubes and elixirs. oOYes strives to be sustainable in its production of it’s honey based products and works with 501c3’s to donate proceeds of each sale to “Save the Bees.”

The magic of our beefused tantric honey comes from how it is made. Created at our organic farms in Santa Maria, California, this patented delivery platform allows free range bees to feed on a proprietary nectar, which the bee’s naturally break down, creating a water-soluble, single ingredient this fast-acting concentration of sweet honey with all the benefits of the ingredients of the nectar pack in!

See the magic of how the bees create SuperHoney in this video from our sister company - Uh Huh Honey.

Understanding that not all cannabinoids are created equally, the nectar we feed the bees is rich in major and minor cannabinoids, terpenes, vitamins, and nutrients that each work together in raw super honey that captures the full entourage effect of its component parts and is far more effective than the alternative isolated and infused cannabinoids.

For our tantric honey, we feed the bees a nectar derived from organic hemp oil and aphrodisiac herbs including muira puama and catuaba. The honey created by the bees is available for purchase as Bee Wild Tantric Honey, whether you lick, drizzle, or drip, this tantric honey is sure to excite and induce a wild night. oOYes has even partnered with Uh Huh Honey to donate $3 for every jar of Bee Wild Tantric Honey sold to “Save the Bees.”

oOYes includes the tantric superhoney as a key ingredient to some of our most popular items. Roll Baby Roll, a roll on sex oil complete with a roll on applicator designed to stimulate your clitoris, utilizes our beefused tantric honey, creating a sweet, moisturizing, oil. With Going Down, our oral sex elixir, your partner drenches you in this delicious oral sex elixir. This combination of MCT oil, our beefused tantric honey, and terpene driven orange blossom flavor with an extra kick of CBG and CBD will have your partner always going down for more. Start Me Up is a water based lube made to encourage licking, sucking and f*cking. The beefused tantric honey enriches Start Me Up, with cannabinoids and terpenes designed to keep you wet all night long.

While creating cannabinoid and aphrodisiac rich products, oOYes also strives to be sustainable in its interactions with our bees and their environment. We use the bee pollen, wax and propolis from the hives to utilize the most important parts of the honey production process and produce as little waste as possible. Love Me Too, our sensual moisturizer for your other lips, is packed with both our oOYes Beefused Honey, wax and propolis from our hives allowing the moisturizer to melt into your skin and keep you supple and fresh. Finally, Groove Grease, our massage oil candle, is made from the bee pollen, wax and propolis along with all natural soy wax and flavored with orange blossom terpenes that easily melts to create a warm, luxurious erotic oil that is perfect for lighting your fire. oO burn, baby, burn.

To learn more about beefused technology, visit our sister company at


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