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  • Lisa Tellor-Kelley

Cannabis, Sex and Women

Human sexuality can be divided into four states: desire, arousal, orgasm, and satisfaction. While there is no magic pill that can truly address these “states” men have been able to turn to erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis to treat issues of arousal and maintaining an erection. While men have ED medications, women have been left to their own resources via herbal supplements.

Enter cannabis. Although cannabis is not FDA approved like its male-centric ED medications, this plant-based medicine lends a hand to both men and women as they navigate the challenges of a fulfilling sex life. Interestingly, cannabis can help in all four of the sexual phases as it heightens the senses leads to relaxation, opens the mind to deeper intimacy and promotes mindfulness.

Researchers and users are discovering cannabis has the potential to create hot and juicy intimacy. Currently, many users are exploring cannabis and how their body reacts to the endorphin type joys the plant provides.

The cannabis plant has the potential to provide help. Many users find the plant’s endocannabinoid system is accepted by their body. When the body accepts the products of the cannabis plant, it potentially turns the body into well-oiled intimacy machine. Cannabinoids help relax the mind, blood vessels and muscle tension, letting the cannagasms roll. This ignites your body’s desires. It leads to sensual arousal and to multiple explosive orgasms.

The human body naturally releases endorphins. Cannabis may trigger a feel-good effect like the body’s natural endorphin which could potentially increase your sexual desire. When the body accepts the endocannabinoids system it can help switch on and off your feel-good effects. An increase in your cannabinoids will increase sexual desire with a wave of physiological natural desire.

What is happening? The THC found in cannabis is like anandamide, a fatty acid, found naturally in the brain. Because of the similarity THC may spark a change in the brain’s communication. If the THC attaches to the receptors found in the human cannabinoid system, it may disrupt or change physical functions that cause negative effects. THC assists the brain and releases a large amount of dopamine.

Dopamine is naturally produced by the body. It is used to send signals to and from the brain and body. Mostly, dopamine allows the body to experience pleasures. If you experience excitement because of a delicious meal, being sexually attracted, this may be happening due to your dopamine. Like other body regulators, dopamine should be balanced to maintain healthy sexual activity.

oOYes products contain large amounts of CBG. Products containing CBG energize positive moods. Studies suggest CBG prevents enzymes from breaking down anandamide, the human body’s endocannabinoid responsible for producing dopamine. This may benefit sex by allowing dopamine to remain in the body for longer amounts of time. This may produce a positive impact on sexual mood, pleasure, and orgasm.


Desire – Many women admit to a decrease in sexual intimacy. Cannabinoids are a natural supplement to manage sexual arousal. Cannabinoids may increase your sexual desire. Users have suggested that cannabinoids balance their body’s dopamine which has enriched their sexual arousal.

Arousal – Many women substitute the botanical supplement of cannabinoids to simply help relax their mind. Experiences show, arousal happens when the mind is relaxed. Cannabinoids are a natural supplement that could turn off the mind’s switches and ignites intimacy.

Orgasm – Countless women long to enjoy a strong orgasm. Cannabinoids may dilate capillaries which increases the blood flow to the clitoris. A growing number of users are stating, cannabinoids have the potential to heightening their vagina’s sensitivity leading to stronger orgasms.

Satisfaction – Partners want their experiences to be pleasant. Cannabinoids unwind the mind, body, and soul. Sexual satisfaction may be managed with herbal supplements like cannabinoids. When used, it assists with relaxation of the body, leading to pleasurable intercourse and multiple orgasms.


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