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  • Tanya Griffin

How to Decrease the Stigma of Self-Pleasure

Studies [1] have shown that self-pleasuring leads to more happiness and higher levels of self-esteem. People who masturbate are said to enjoy better sexual experiences with their partners since they are aware of what helps them feel sexually pleasured.

However, for centuries, there have been stigmas surrounding self-pleasuring, especially in women. The stigmas originate from the stereotype that women are not supposed to be sexual people, and instead, they are objects for men to have sex with.

This is what many women have been made to believe from a young age, which makes some feel embarrassed to talk about the topic openly. While masturbation is a private thing, which may not be a great casual conversation starter, people should understand that it is a natural and healthy thing. Anyone has the right to choose to either do it or not without fear of stigmatization.

Why Self-Pleasuring is Important

Thinking about how important your pleasure is equates to self-love. You should be able to define yourself sexually with the knowledge of what you want or not. It is the same as practicing your sexual agency, which is important, especially in women.

Women should [2] be free to shamelessly embrace and explore their sexuality as their male counterparts. It is high time people stopped viewing self-pleasuring in women as something wrong since we all deserve to be happy and practice self-love.

How Can You Make the Most Out of Your Self-Pleasure?

Many are times when women are left high and dry after sexual encounters. That is where self-pleasuring can come in place to help deal with that issue. To help make the experience, you need to use the right tools, including sex toys and oils.

One such amazing oil is the Roll Baby Roll roll-on sex oil. This oil is designed to glide and stimulate your clitoris for maximum pleasure and orgasm. Mindfully crafted for a true cannagasmic experience, Roll Baby Roll is made with premium MCT (coconut), primrose and calendula oils and infused with full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG) and our beefused honey for ultimate self-pleasure.

Knowing what makes you tick can help with your self-pleasuring experience to ensure that you always orgasm. You don’t need to feel ashamed but instead, you should enjoy pleasuring yourself since it comes with numerous benefits.

Here are some of the benefits you can reap from self-pleasuring.

It helps improve your mood since you give your body some love. The process helps release the feel-good hormones, which help in relieving stress and relaxing your mind.

Self-pleasuring leads to better sleep since touching yourself helps release tension and induces a relaxation period, which allows you to enjoy more and better sleep.

It helps enhance your sex life since self-pleasuring helps you determine what you like. It is a way of sexual discovery and if your partner learns your erogenous zones, they can also help you enjoy sex more.


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