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  • Lisa Tellor-Kelley

Top Cannabis Strains for Enhancing Sexual Pleasure

For years, a variety of foods have been labeled aphrodisiacs. Currently, more and more scientists are researching cannabis and its potential to help people enjoy themselves sexually. What are they finding? Cannabis is a natural supplement that may increase sexual pleasure and experiences. Although research is limited, anecdotal info suggests that using cannabis during sex uplifts one's mood, helps with relaxation, and staying present. Yes, many users suggest that cannagasmic sex is titillating, erotic and sets the mood for feeling groovy and prolonged sexual intimacy.

The consensus is not out on what type of strain to use for sex. While some individuals prefer a strain that will create energy (Sativa), others need to be relaxed (India), while others want to be in the middle of the road (hybrid). It is advisable to experiment privately with your body, and its reaction to THC, CBD, or any other cannabinoid, before being intimate with a partner.

Cannabis can turn a switch on, or off, for many individuals. There are a variety of cannabis options that help reeve you up, calm you down, or place you in a balanced mindset. You must remember that a strain that excites one person may, or may not, help another. Many expert users testify that while cannabis and sex go very well together, there is no "correct" strain for sex and that experimenting with cannabis as a natural supplement is the best way to discover what is best for you and your partner(s).

Terpenes and their benefits:

Strains of cannabis produce certain effects due to their terpenes. Each terpene has the potential to benefit the human body. Common terpenes found in cannabis and their potential benefits are as follows:

Linalool – Anti-anxiety and calms

Eucalyptol – Memory enhancer and stimulates

Myrcene – Promotes relaxation

Limonene – Stress relief and mood enhancer

Pinene – Improves circulation and increases blood flow

Caryophyllene – Pain relief

Terpinolene – Improves mood

After studying and deciding which terpene may benefit you, then you must find a strain. Not all strains are equal in the number of terpenes. It is extremely important to know the type of terpene in the strain to receive the full outcomes.

Tanya Griffin, the founder of oOYes, stresses, “Good sex is all about showing up and staying present. It’s about feeling Groovy and staying in the mood!” Designed to pair with the strain that best suits your mood, Griffin formulated oOYes lubes, elixirs, and massage oils such as Start Me Up (water-based lickable glide), Roll Baby Roll (roll on sex oil), Going Down (oral sex elixir), and Groove Grease (massage oil candle) with an "orange creamsicle" mixture of terpenes that include limonene, linalool and terinolene.

Mood setting strains and their main terpene:

Zkittles, Do-Si-Dos, Dark Matter, Shangri-La, Jack Frost – Linalool

Headband, Bubba Kush, Super Silver Haze, Dutch Treat, Girl Scout Cookies – Eucalyptol

OG Kush, ACDC, Harle-Tsu, Purple Urkle, Kosher Tangie – Myrcene

Hindu Kush, Mazar X Blueberry, Liberty Haze, Cookies and Cream – Limonene

Remedy, AK-47, Harlequin, Blue Dream, Kosher Tangie – Pinene

OG Kush, Chemdawg, Candyland, Sour Diesel, Royal Cookies – Caryophyllene

Ghost Train Haze, Golden Goat, Jack Herer, Clementine, Pineapple Kush – Terpinolene

You will notice, that strains may contain more than one terpene. For example, Kosher Tangie has both myrcene (promotes relaxation) and pinene (improves circulation and blood flow). Combining these terpenes may create the perfect intimate experience.

Handy tip:

If Kosher Tangie gives the perfect mindset, then other strains that include the same name, such as Tangiland, or Tangerine Cookies may also help. Sometimes, it may be the combination of two different terpenes that creates a phenomenal effect and increases sexual intimacy.


Titrating is a way to potentially relieve side effects. When you begin using THC, use a small amount to find the smallest dose that is most effective for you. This will differ from person to person due to tolerance, body weight, and influences.

When titrating us a small dose of THC or CBD. It may be best to start with a small amount, approximately 2 milligrams, and journal your experience. Every couple of weeks, raise the dose until you feel you have reached a sweet spot without being overly high.

Rely on your budtender:

When shopping for the perfect strain for sex it is helpful to ask your trusted budtender's opinion. If you are not a regular user, let your budtender know and they can direct you to a strain that is lower in THC and includes minor cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG.

While being "high" for sex can enhance the mood being too high can also kill it. It is important to find your sweet spot. Start slow and increase as needed, keeping in mind that smoking a joint, using a vape pen, volcano, bong or dab rig is different from taking an edible. Smoking flower will have a quicker onset and may be easier to judge your journey as you experiment with cannabis and sex.

Trust the experts. Marjory Clay, Marketing Manager for LOVA Canna Co suggests, “One of our signature strains is Purple Trainwreck. It's a fabulous hybrid strain that is stimulating and cerebral, while also offering intense full-body relaxation. I certainly would recommend this to set the mood for sex.”


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