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Managing Libido: How to have more sex.

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

Low or loss of sex drive is a problem faced by many people at one point in their lives. While this problem is often associated with relationship troubles, tiredness, and stress, it could also be a sign of an underlying medical issue.

Everyone has a different level of sex drive, and there is no measure for normal libido. However, we think everyone can have a healthy sex life, and should get to orgasm as much as possible! Many things can effect your libido, but we dive into what we found is most important.

How does your health effect your sex life?

If you are struggling with low sex drive, there are ways you can improve the situation and enjoy more sex with your partner. Here are [1] some of them.

Manage Anxiety

It is difficult to think about and be ready for sex if you are anxious. Anxiety is a clinical problem that worsens your sexual dysfunction. Various anxiety disorders exist, and they affect people in different ways. You can manage anxiety through medications, therapy, exercise or even meditation.

For people who deal with anxiety, feeling anxious about their sexuality can make matters worse, since it could affect your libido further. In such instances, managing anxiety is paramount if you want to enjoy a healthy sex drive.


Exercise is a proven way to increase your libido. [2] It is in general associated with healthy living, both physical and psychological. Exercising regularly can help with improved cardiovascular health and mood, increased sympathetic nervous system activity, improvement of your endocrine system [3] and improving your own positive views of your body self-image. Regular exercise keeps your endocrine system healthy and can regulate your hormones which are essential to a health libido!

Yoga is great to help your mind and body come into balance. In addition to the increased flexibility that can help you in the bedroom, the ability to find yourself can help improve your mood.

Open Communication is Key

It is paramount to have an honest conversation with your partner to discuss your worries and any problems you may be facing. Dedicate at least 20 minutes to have a candid talk without any distractions from devices or other people.

Clear communication can help bring the two of you closer and let each other understand what may be lacking in your sex life. It could be your partner doesn’t pay enough attention to foreplay, or you may be a fan of some dirty talk before having sex. Whatever the case, communicating is one way of addressing it and enjoying an increased sex drive.

What is the Secret to People Who Enjoy More Sex Each Week?

You may be wondering what the secret is for those couples enjoying sex five or more times each week. There are various ways such people could be improving their libido for healthy sex life. Besides the above factors, here are [4] some of the things highly sexed individuals may be doing.

Setting the Mood

Especially in woman, setting the mood is essential to having a healthy sex life. Women generally have their best experience when feeling safe, cared for, and connected with a partner. Talk to your partner about what gets them in the mindset for great sex. We have some great suggestions below.

Have a Stimulating Soundtrack

Music can help change your mood instantly. It is common to find that those who enjoy more sex have a titillating soundtrack they love listening to as a way of setting the mood. Whenever one of the partners plays this music, it sends a message that it is time to get freaky between the sheets. Such soundtracks can help pump up the passion and enhance the sex experience. Pick your favorite record, sit down together and make your own soundtrack, or try one of ours!

Set the lighting

Lighting can help get you comfortable and get you in the right mindset for great sex! We suggest dimming the lights and lighting a few candles to get the space set up for sex.

Remove Distractions

It can be hard to get in the mood with the kids or pets running around the house, a sink full of dishes or feeling like you have a long list of tasks to complete. Take some time during the day to remove some of those tasks from your spouse’s list so they can be in the right mindset for sex. If you have kids or pets, get a sitter for the night and go on a date to your favorite place, even it means a quick trip to the bedroom. The best way to remove distractions may be to get a hotel for the night, or plan a quick getaway weekend.

Libido: Think about it, talk about it, do it.

Having regular sex helps increase your libido. One of best cures for low sex drive is to have a, or even better, multiple orgasms! Sometimes you just need a reminder of how great an orgasm is. If you are not having regular sex, one of the best things you can do is to “get back on the bike” and have sex with your-self.

Being Passionate All Day

Such couples don’t only talk about sex in the bedroom, they make it a point to keep things alive by spicing up their daily activities. It could be sending a suggestive text or photo to your partner, eating an ice cream suggestively, lathering your body with lotion suggestively, or getting groovy while getting dressed. Such images stick in your partner’s mind the whole day and they cannot wait to come back home and make passionate love to you.

Try New Things

Are you past the new relationship or honeymoon phase? You may feel like your sex life has stagnated. Talk to your partner about what you are interested in exploring sexually. Have you always wanted to try a sex toy, invite someone new to the bedroom, watch some porn together or have sex on a plane? Your partner won’t know unless you talk about it.

Many people find their libido increases just by talking about what they are interested. Starting that conversation may be tough, which is why we created the oOYes Sex Quiz. Take the quiz with your partner and respond "oOYes," "oONo," or "oOMaybeso" to 100 different sex acts. You only see the results the sex acts you both respond "oOYes" or "oOMaybeso" to. It is a safe way for you to explore what you may be interested in, without scaring off your partner.


Are you struggling with a low sex drive? Check out our sex quiz at oOYes and it may help you improve your sex life. We also have our oOYes products (lubes, massage oils, dry mouth lozenges and tantric honey) can help you improve your libido naturally. If natural remedies do not effect your sex drive, you may be dealing with a medical issue and should speak to your doctor about your libido.

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