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Share your oOYes experience and win an oOBox :)

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

oOYes is on a mission to help you have better sex…

oOYes would love to hear from you! Tell us about your oOYes cannagasmic experience. Good sex can be contagious and we need your help to spread word. We believe that starts with sex positive communication whether that is with your partner, multiple partners, or your relationship with yourself.

Created by women for everyone, oOYes products are experience-driven, cannagasmic and designed to travel, even if that means a quick trip to the bedroom. Each oOYes product is designed with an experience in mind and comes with a recipe for cannagasmic play. The oOYes Quiz is designed to open communication and encourage sex play and the tales that come.

With all that in mind, we want to hear how you “experienced” oOYes products and any fun that came from taking our oOYes sex quiz including sex play, travel and all around good sex, drugs and rock n’ roll experiences.

Share your oOYes experience with us and if we use your submission on a blog, we will send you an oOBox of your choice! Don’t worry, nicknames only.

oOBox are specially curated bundles of oOYes products. The "Getting Deeper and Going Down " box consist of Going Down, Unplugged, Groove Grease and 3 WET dry mouth Lozenges
oOBox | Getting Deeper and Going Down

What kind of post are we looking for?

Your story

We want to hear your story and cannagasmic experiences. Sex can be a taboo subject, and shouldn’t be. We believe open communication is foundational to a healthy sex life, and that comes with being honest with yourself before diving into your partner.

How did you use our quiz?

We think our quiz is great for opening communication with your partner, and to help discover yourself. How did the quiz improve your understanding of your sexual journey? Did you take the quiz by yourself or with your partner? Have you been wanting to try something new but did not know you partner was also interested in that sexual act?

How did you use a product?

We spent a lot of time formulating and testing our products. But the experiences we had were our own, along with some of our closest friends.

Was this your first time using a product to enhance your sexual experience? How did oOYes compare to other products you have tried? Do you think you did something unique with one of our products that was great?

A travel experience.

We love to travel at oOYes, and designed our products to be able to be discrete, as well as small enough to go on any plane!

Tell us about your sex travel fun! Did you bring oOYes along for a cannagasmic getaway? Take Roll Baby Roll on a business trip for some self love time? What did you love about the city/hotel/Airbnb you visited?

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